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Posted on: 01/12/16

Among the similar running shoes for the Asics Gel Nimbus are the Brooks Glycerin, Puma Faas 1000 and Asics Gel Cumulus. The cushioning level of these shoes is comparable to that of the Asics Gel Nimbus. Choosing the right one for you will Onitsuak Tiger Asics Mexico 66 Women Shoes White / Brick Red / Navy depend Onitsuak Tiger Asics Mexico 66 Women Shoes White / Brick Red / Navy your preferences.

The Brooks Glycerin gives an impressive amount of heel and forefoot cushioning. In fact, it has a better heel cushioning than the Nimbus. However, this shoe is quite heavier, but softer compared to the Asics Gel Nimbus. When it comes to stability and support features, they provide the same level of support that you need. This well-cushioned shoe is designed for runners having normal and high arches.

The Puma Faas 1000 is also a good option when you are looking for well-cushioned road running shoes. The incredible heel and forefoot cushioning are very significant in improving the performance and comfort level felt by most runners who use this shoe. One significant advantage of the Puma Faas 1000 over Asics Gel Nimbus is that, this shoe is a lot lighter. Basically, this is designed to have a very comfortable running experience, allowing a better and smoother run. Because of the high cushioning features of this shoe, it has become a lot stiffer than expected. The stability of this shoe is quite low compared to the Asics Gel Nimbus and Brooks Glycerin.


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